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May photo-a-day challenge. Day 22. Change. An old school sixpence and two half pennies Fmsphotoaday Currency Money Change blackandwhite macro
Money Count Up Fund Raising
Killing fields The Killing Fields Bones & Money C.s.i Asian Culture RePicture Travel Autumn Mood
Coin Black And White B&w Malaysia
Money Around The World Money Around The World
Coins Penning
Mini Origami Macro Origami Crane 10 Cent for comparison
Currency Penny Pennies
Money Dollars
Dirty Money MoneyTeam Independence Day Wohnglück Popular Photos Portrait Of A Friend The New Self-Portrait Depth Of Field Black And White Friday
Money Around The World Money Around The World
Money Around The World Money IPhoneography
A Maldives coin Textures And Surfaces Coins Precision Maldives Macro Macro_collection
Coins on a fleemarket table Coins Find Coins American Coins Old Coins Money Silverdollar Silver  Fleemarket Fleemarket Bargains Retro
You must expect that there's always a change... like it or not. Currency Macro Eyeem PhilippinesSepia Simple Photography First Eyeem Photo Samsungphotography Lame Nothingtodo Tatakpinoy
Coins Traditional Thailand Thaistyle
Working hard for my money Money Visual Statements Blackandwhite

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