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Everyone Smiles for Our Newborn Pictures

It’s no small feat to keep our subjects from fidgeting during a newborn photoshoot. But we don’t mind pulling a silly face or two when capturing an adorable baby snap. Luckily, our community of gifted photographers and new parents feel the same way. Get the very best in newborn photography on EyeEm Market today.

We have a treasure trove of delightful newborn photos that appeal to creatives the world over. Our cameras are there for those first, blinking moments as well as the unsteady steps and spaghetti sauce disasters. We capture the whole spectrum of children in photography from the unique perspective of young & international photographers. That means you’ll only find tasteful and modern material for your website, invitation cards or family brand with us.

At EyeEm, you too can buy real newborn baby photography that reflects the aesthetics of an exciting generation of artists. So, if your project calls for breezy and down-to-earth newborn baby pictures, then look no further than our curated collection. Taking photos of newborn babies may be a cherished tradition – but the original works on our Market won’t fail to surprise you.

So, if you need a newborn photo for an article on welcoming a baby to the world, or maybe some heart for your baby-themed product or campaign, then EyeEm Market is the right choice for you. We have a variety of licensing options tailor-made to suit the breadth of your project. That means you’ll get amazing snaps at a fair price, with no surprises later on. Simply open up one of our lovingly curated albums of newborn pictures and choose the royalty-free image that speaks to you.