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International Affairs, Local Politics, and Political Commentary: Our Versatile Newspaper Photos Cover All The Main Stories

Read all about it on EyeEm Market - our talented photographers have been out snapping incredible pictures of newspapers. Even though news is constantly available online and through various social media channels, we still read newspapers everyday, so there’s no wonder we can often forget about their engaging and photogenic aesthetics. Our fantastic bank of newspaper pictures puts the common paper back into the spotlight and the world’s most accessible source of information is portrayed in a new stylish light

Our newspaper images go particularly well in editorials and all print media; they can also add a sense of class to your company resources. From today’s paper and its breaking headlines to century-old news stories detailed in vintage copies, we’ll get you all excited about newspapers again with our brilliant newspaper photography.

You can browse through all our online albums of newspaper photography as easily as leafing through the pages of a newspaper. Our curated albums make it easy to find a picture you’ll love. Once you’re happy with your choice, choose from one of our excellently priced licenses - even smaller budgets needn’t be scared away as our pricing is extremely competitive - and you’re well on your way to being the proud owner of a fabulous newspaper photo.

And once you’ve bought your newspaper image, why just stop at just the one use? All of our photography comes free from any pesky royalties, so you can make a splash with your newspaper photo wherever and whenever you like.