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Exposing the Darkness - Night Photography from EyeEm

The world is a very different place when the sun goes down. Artificial lighting replaces the sun’s rays, creating a contrasting backdrop for our photographers to take some fascinating night pictures. Utilizing a range of techniques, they capture the night with artistry and precision. EyeEm has night photography of downtown skyscrapers towering above the city, lighting up the night sky like 150m-tall candles, plus photos of spooky country paths, lined with bare, jagged trees drooping down from overhead.

The photographers at EyeEm use their long-exposure lenses to capture an element of the day that sun-drenched photography cannot – time. You can find long-exposure night pictures at EyeEm that are sure to impress and inspire. The city lights create boundless opportunities for skilled photographers to capture urban life from different angles in our night photography. So, whether it be vibrant city life, or the calm and eerie evening countryside that you’re looking for in our night images, we’re sure you’ll find something that works for you.

Our photographers are well-versed in how to take photos at night, with experience producing fine night pics. There is a whole world that comes to life when we go to sleep: Peculiar and wonderful species that sleep throughout the day are wide awake, while our photographers are on the hunt for lovely night photos. So, if you were wondering how to take photos at night, we’re sure our photographers can provide some insights.

The EyeEm service is straightforward and was designed from start to finish with the user in mind. You can pick the night image that you need for your project, then pay a modest one-time fee that will grant you the image privileges that you need – leaving you to get on with your project, worry free.