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Urban or Natural, Enjoy the Fascinating Outdoor Photography at EyeEm

What comes to mind when you think of the outdoors? If you live in a populous metropolitan backdrop, then perhaps when you consider outdoor pictures you envision outdoor pics documenting a swarm of people crossing a busy downtown intersection. Or, if home is somewhere in the harmonious rural countryside to you maybe the term ‘outdoor images’ sparks associations of gloriously prolific chestnut trees resting in front of a vivid blue sky. Whatever it is, we’re sure you’ll find our outdoor photography diverse, stimulating and thought-provoking.

The scope for creating remarkable outdoor pictures in the wilderness or in an urbanized neighborhood is endless, and this opportunity, paired with our skilled photographers, is a winning combination. EyeEm has thousands of outdoor pictures that we’re sure you’ll find appropriate for whatever project you’re working on.

Come June time, when the wool-lined jackets in your wardrobe are replaced by shorts and colorful T-shirts, the outdoors may seem like an altogether more appealing place than it was a few months ago. But at EyeEm our photographers have found beauty in every season in their outdoor pics, judiciously capturing the elegance of nature, whether it be a rural landscape or the industrial undertone of a contemporary capital city.

With EyeEm, you pay a one-off fee for the license that works best for you and your project and need not worry about any further fees. Our outdoor photography is a pleasant reminder of how beautiful and diverse the world we inhabit is, and we’re confident that you’ll get lost in our vast collection of outdoor pictures looking for the perfect snap for your project.