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EyeEm Market’s Vivid Paint Photos Add a Rainbow of Color

When you need to brighten up your four walls with splashes of color, head on over to our collection of paint pictures on EyeEm Market. They’ll brighten up any room and will add a great deal of energy to both home spaces and offices. Choose from a photograph of paint-splattered paint brushes or freshly colored walls to add to the interiors of an artist’s studio or art gallery.

Alternatively, why not use one of our creative paint images in one of your print projects. Add interesting hues to your upcoming fashion editorial or use paint photos that show the more practical side of decoration in informative presentations or online resources. With so many diverse ways to use paint pictures, we can’t wait to see what ideas you come up with!

All our paint images are creative and imaginative, making them extremely versatile. That artistic picture of the dripping paint brush you hung in your studio would also look great in your upcoming magazine run, right? Well thanks to EyeEm’s generous royalty free policy, you can now use your paint photos as often as you like! Not only that, our reasonably priced licenses are great for all budgets, so you can even treat yourself to more than one image!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to our EyeEm Market to see the kind of paint pictures our brilliant photographers are taking. Our curated albums make it so easy to find the right photo for you, leaving with even more time to get creating!