Brian Fernandez (NiMH)


Showcase: January
First frost.
♬♩Lightning is striking again (and again and again)♬♩ Capture The Moment
At my Papa & Mary's place in Oregon. The view from their balcony.
::wiggle wiggle::
Don't be Jellyfish.
The day I thought I caught a glimpse of a ghost in my coffee....
Catcha loafin' around... Ya little slacker!
Just another day on the 1.
The day Tomfoolery wasn't feeling like himself.
The Lovebirds
The Cats Meow
My grandfathers view of the backyard. (๑•﹏•) just. stop.
You'll have to excuse me... I was a little horse this day.
Snail. Capture The Moment
Sites just off 66.
Getting a closer look.